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Fall 2010

The casual search for another T’s begins... and rumors and request hit an all time high. “Will you consider the East Bay, pleaseeeee” read one comment card. At the T’s counter in Cranston, a regular said the she heard we were opening in Middletown. Smithfield, Attleboro, East Providence, Warwick, Coventry... we began our search. Signing a purchase and sales agreements in Attleboro and North Providence, nothing came to fruition.

Then as casual as can be (2012) Mark was told by our carpet cleaner that we may want to look at the Red Stripe in Narragansett. Our first reaction was not positive, and after looking inside we really felt it would cost far too much to re-model. That was the first hurdle... the lease was the second. Then with our backs to the wall, and the 4th of July glaring at us, we opened T’s Narragansett on June 22, 2012. OMG, where did they all come from, I mean we unlocked the doors, and they came. We were ready, well almost... how could we train a staff of 40 in 3 weeks and have them ready for “The Summer in Gansett” We knew we would be busy in the summer, but we really knew that we needed to listen and pay attention to the LOCALS. Because, the locals are the ones that will be there year round. As I write we are coming toward our second summer season and according to the many happy locals... “We did Good!”