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In the Spring of 2010

Tina and I received a letter from the RI Hospitality Association. We had been voted Restaurateurs of the year in RI. WOW. Really. What an honor to be recognized at the RI Convention Center by 500 of your piers. Imagine, with all of the great restaurants in RI, Tina and I, were recognized with this top honor.

That same year we were also contacted by the National Restaurant Association to be included in a national campaign. We were to be included in a nationally distributed movie, along with 10 others, honoring the industry. So the film crew came from Seattle and spent a day with Tina and I. What a blast. Another honor and, yes I’ll say it, a feather in our T’s cap. Even with all of these accolades, Tina, Mark and I, along with our kids, knew we had to maintain our grass roots. Stay close to the guest, you, the reason for the T. And we constantly, through high and low, busy and slow, remind each other of the very important YOU.