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June 1, 2013

It’s been 5 years since I’ve added to our T’s History. A mellow, relaxing, uneventful five years... right... living easy, coasting, resting on our laurels, right! Wrong! Where to begin... ok, let’s start with T’s in East Greenwich. We opened the doors in EG, on March 21, 2008, to a moderate crowd of inquisitive people. Some were regulars from the Cranston area wishing us well, some were transplants, living in EG welcoming us with open arms, and some were just hungry. Well, we got through that week just fine and come to think of it, business was running quite smoothly. Until the A/C crashed in the middle of a heat wave... oh right, the stock market also crashed. You remember, the financial markets plummeted, real estate values with it and un-employment skyrocketed.

We were, as most everyone in RI, and the whole country for that matter, fearful about the future. We just invested a half million dollars into a new venture and now this. As a company we felt more than ever that we needed to stay positive. Positive in all aspects of our lives, the business part, our home lives, and in our community. We truly felt that if ever T’s was needed as a positive place to go and be with others, to talk and be heard by neighbors, or just to sit and be filled with great energy, it was now.

Behind the scenes we started working on a new menu, new flavors, plating, health conscious offerings, allergy alerts, kids menus that were fun, flavorful and more growth friendly. Community involvement became more than a catch phrase. We began some grass roots contributing, kids sports, art programs, elderly care, etc. We sponsored road races and golf tournaments and donated food to the RI Community food bank, to special needs of our community family. We reached out to our staff and
helped where needed.