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Here at T’s, we are committed to mindful food sourcing with a New England first thought process, an eye on sustainability and a partnership with family-owned farms and businesses. We support real food, fresh ingredients, local purveyors and sustainable choices whenever possible.

T’s Eggs are Cage Free Eggs cracked fresh daily from Family Farms of Maine.

T’s Coffee is locally roasted Organic Dark Roast compliments of Down East Coffee Roasters, a third generation Rhode Island Family-owned business since 1953.

T’s Bread is locally baked extra thick and artisan style from Calise Bakery, a family-owned Rhode Island business for over 100 years.

T’s Grass-fed burgers are from Pat LaFrieda Farms in New Jersey, family-owned since 1922.

T’s Own Corn beef hash, BRC certified, kosher certified and nut free, family owned since 1982.

T’s Custom Coffee Mugs are hand-thrown in the USA by Deneen Pottery, family-owned since 1972.

More to say...

Our bacon is free of nitrates. We use 100% pure butter, and trans-fat free canola oil only. Our orange juice is freshly squeezed and we use organic produce wherever possible.

At T’s, we care about our teams, our guests, our community and our planet. While we recognize there is always more to learn and ways to grow, we are committed to the journey and rejoice in sharing the experience.

Thank you to all who share back!