T's Restaurant...The Beginning

The story of the conception and life of T’s is, I think, an interesting, funny and if I do say so, an inspiring kind of tale. It’s really what my wife and I refer to as the American Dream. Two people in love wanting to control their own destiny, by becoming their own bosses. How many times have you, or you and your spouse said, “Let’s do something that we really enjoy”… or as I put it……, “You make the muffins and I’ll do the bull work”….., “All we need is something small…..We don’t need a lot.” That’s exactly how we started…no real business experience…..no real connections…..and believe me ….no money. What we did have were two basic intangables that I thank God for….we had loyalty and a desire. Loyalty to each other, loyalty from our family, friends and staff and loyalty over the years from you guys, our customers. And a desire to make things work, really work, not just on the surface but from the inside out. Our relationship always came first, our customers were not taken for granted and money was only part of the equation. What we wanted was a lifestyle that would give us opportunity to enjoy the fruits of life……..fruits of life by our definition, meaning time…..time to work, time to spend with each other, time to reflect and time to smell the flowers and watch the sun set. The road from 1982 to 2018 was not an interstate. It was more like building from a series of pathways turned to roadways. As you know, especially living in this state, roadwork never ends and potholes are a fact of life.

-Anthony Tomaselli